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S7-LAN / MPI-LAN (english)

s7-lan-24v S7-LAN - smales gateway for Industrial Ethernet - TCP/IP - for every kind of Simatic-S7
    • each kind of  SIMATIC - S7 gets connected with ethernet / TCP/IP, fast and easy to install
  • compatible with CP 243 / 343 / 443 -1
  • programming with STEP 7 over TCP/IP, driver for STEP 7 software is included
  • programming and visualization simultaneously (8 connection at same time)
  • compatible woth S7-TCP/IP (RFC1006), WinCC und our IP-S7-LINK driver
  • no need to change hardware config of the PLC
  • with Profibus and  S7 300 faster communication than CP 343-1!
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operation / use

The S7-LAN module is connected directly to the MPI or Profibus interface of the SIMATIC S7. The device has the shape and size of a Profibus connector. In addition, the module has a quasi "piggyback" Profibus connection. In this way S7-LAN can be easily integrated into existing MPI / Profibus network. In the module  of the ethernet RJ45 connector is integrated. Thus S7-LAN is a very compact and small device. Two LEDs are displaying  the functional state of the module.


Each S7-LAN module gets its own IP address. This address enables the connected S7-MPI/Profibus networkk be achieved. The IP address can be fixed, or obtained from a DHCP server. The operation of the router (gateway) is possible. The configuration is done in a simple way via the S7-LAN manager for Windows and the integrated web server. This software is included.

operation with the STEP 7 software


For programming with STEP 7 in specially developed driver included. S7-Lan, we thus directly addressed by the step S7 software. Those who wish can also a virtual comport. Both drivers are included

visualization  / SCADA runs parallel


S7-LAN can be operated in the so-called CP mode (communication processor mode). Then, the device behaves like a CP343-1. Immediately visualizations such as WinCC (SCADA) or common OPC server data exchange with S7.


watching of PLC's variables over integrated WEB interface



watch variables of the PLC without operation panel
use the integrated WEB interface



supply voltage 24 V/DC +/- 20%
power consumption 2 watt
display WEB interface
two status LED's
configuration / handling WEB interface
manager software (included)
interfaces to the PLC: PPI/MPI/Profibus interface: 9,6 KBd - 12 MBd
to the PD/PC: PD/diagnosis jack
10/100BaseTX RJ45-ethernet jack
galvanic separation 1500V PPI/MPI/Profibus to the PC
operating temperature 5 - 55°C
case ABS-plastic case
dimensions 65 x 43 x 17 mm
operating system MS-Windows NT,2000, XP, Vista, 7 or other like linux with S7-TCP/IP driver IP-S7-LINK

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S7-LAN Modul
9352-LAN MPI-LAN Cable